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Once upon a time… was launched.

In 2004, we purchased It was a website where you could find coupons from local advertisers; print them out and save money. All we asked for was your email address so we could deliver new coupons to your email address once a week. At that time, many people were “leery” about giving out their email address. But through word of mouth and great advertiser support, one-by-one, people signed up to receive Powerflyers.

Powerflyers also offered FREE classifieds! Yes, we were the first in the Battlefords to offer this service. ONLINE and FREE. Our classifieds were hugely successful, with thousands of listings.

At some point, we added the Community events calendar where local organizations could post their event at no charge. FREE!

In 2006 we added Battlefords Daily News. We were the first and only online news source for the Battlefords. Doug Collie, local reporter with over 25 years of experience, partnered with us to bring the community local news, and we delivered the news to the readers FREE of charge. Our revenue came strictly from our advertisers. Doug has since moved on…and it became obvious that the news just isn’t the same without him.

Here we are, in 2016 and has been launched by the Pattison group. This is the same Jim Pattison that owns our local radio station. Google Jim Pattison and this is what you will find:

The Jim Pattison Group is Canada’s 2nd largest privately held company and, in a recent survey by the Financial Post, The Jim Pattison Group was ranked as Canada’s 62nd largest company.

On April 1st, the Battlefords Daily website will no longer be updated. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the advertisers throughout the years for their support. I would also like to thank the many readers for making Powerflyers/Battlefords Daily News your favourite site and being loyal to the end.

I am sure that you will find up to date news, events, classified ads and more at as they have the resources to provide great coverage.